Television Series/PBS

The Creature Shop designs and builds all puppets, props, and costumes for the iconic preschool series

The What

The Creature Shop designs and builds all puppets, props, and costumes for the domestic and international productions of the internationally revered and respected preschool series Sesame Street. In addition to servicing the television series, all appearances and promotion for the series are supported through prepping and styling the iconic puppets for photo shoots, as well as providing on-set wrangling for television appearances, from Good Morning America to Saturday Night Live.  Puppets are also prepared as needed for social media and digital content, community engagement and museum exhibits.

The Why

When Joan Ganz Cooney and Jon Stone, two of the founders of Sesame Workshop, approached Jim Henson in 1968 about working together on a show that would teach letters and numbers to preschoolers, a collaboration was formed that continues to this day. The Creature Shop’s passion for and commitment to this work runs deep, including the assemblage of artists who have collectively worked on the series for more than 50 years.

The How

With each new script or concept, Sesame Workshop collaborates with the Creature Shop on puppet, prop and costume needs that are then either pulled from an extensive library of assets or new characters are created.

The Creature Shop artists read scripts and attend production meetings to clarify what is required for the myriad productions underway simultaneously, both domestically and internationally, ensuring that every creative decision is approved by the show’s curriculum department. Extra attention is paid to research the building of international puppets and costumes that must accurately reflect the experiences and cultures of local children.

Experienced wranglers (aka puppet stylists and technicians) hand-deliver puppets to the set and/or train international teams in the care and maintenance of all puppets. Close contact is maintained with every shoot and production to guarantee the high-quality expected from Sesame Street.