DEADMAU5 (2012)

Live Performance

Creating the iconic headpieces for the world-renowned electronic music producer/artist and DJ

The What

The Creature Shop created the signature headpieces worn by the electronic music producer/artist and DJ Deadmau5, creating an inventory of more than 15 headpieces, ranging from a carbon fiber head to a chrome head, a Hellraiser-inspired head and animatronic heads.

The Why

Deadmau5 and his team wanted a preferred partner to realize the iconic headpieces for which he is known for worldwide tours, performances and marketing/sponsorship campaigns.

The How

In some instances, the Creature Shop creates the original design and other times, the Deadmau5 team provides a design to realize.

We were able to standardize the process by creating a signature hero mold to ensure a uniform shape and dimension for these highly visual headpieces.

Utilizing that mold, headpieces are created using the designated materials, then the art treatment and paint finish is applied based on the design. For some headpieces, lighting elements are incorporated into the features of the headpiece, such as illuminating eyes.