COME PLAY (2020)

Feature Film

The Creature Shop created a hyper realistic practical version of a monster named Larry to use in tandem with a CGI version

The What

The Creature Shop created a practical version of a monster named Larry, who manifests itself through smart phones and mobile devices.

The Why

Director (and Henson fan) Jacob Chase wanted to realize the signature creature, Larry, as a practical effect so he could use a CG-version or a practical version based on what best served a specific scene.

The How

Working with the film’s design team, the Creature Shop found the best approach to realize a practical version of Larry, which could be puppeteered, as an eight-foot-tall, bunraku rod-style puppet. The performer stood behind the puppet, connected to the hands and the feet by rods, moving Larry as he moved.

The Creature Shop sculpted, molded and fabricated Larry out of foam latex, then applied an art/paint treatment to his skin to provide as much hyper realism as possible, including rotting, chipped nails for his hands and feet and inserting synthetic hairs into the head. Mechanical hands were developed for convincing hand/finger articulation.

Production was further supported by recommending puppeteers and training the film’s wrangling team in Canada on how to use and maintain the puppet.